Our Solutions

Billing Solution

We provide Billing solutions to ANSs, IGWs, ICXs and all other telco and Data realted operators.

Managed Services

We provide managed service for any Telecom entity like full Operation & Maintenance service or only Back officer support as per clients demand by our own technical experts.

PoP Service

We provide connectivity and data solution at Singapore and London.

VSAT Support

We have the solution of VSAT support thru some international renowned companies like Intelsat.

Access network for Mobile or PSTN

We install BTS sites with towers for Mobile or PSTN networks.

Transmission Solution

Switch Com is the local partner of Loop Telecom from Taiwan, having website Loop multiplexers are running in PGCB now. Also we have installed multiplexer in an IGW. Loop’s DWSM is a nice cost saving solution for the network.

Switching Solution

We are the local partner of Wireless Telecom Lab (WTL) from Belgium, having website WTL had a good market share in Media Gateway. In Bangladesh Media Gateways were launched in 2012 in 2 IGWs. Now WTL is providing excellent class 4 solution by SBC now for the Interconnecting Exchanges.
MNO Extension

MNO Extension

Building out new mobile infrastructure and extending the coverage footprint becomes progressively more expensive, with the result that it’s hard to deliver connectivity to many locations. WTL’s Vivada MNO Extension solution solves this problem, by offering a cost-effective platform for extending mobile coverage, with low CAPEX and low OPEX.
MVNO Solution

MVNO Solution

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) business is the fastest growing trend today and a very lucrative opportunity in mobile telecommunications. The MVNO provides wireless communication services without the full infrastructure or license to use radio frequencies. It provides wireless communications with agreements already in place with mobile network operators (MNOs).