Switch Com Ltd. was established in 2011 with a view to make the telecom issues like deployment of network easier for the telecom business entities. We provide one stop solution for the different telecom businesses like IGW, ICX, ANS, BWT etc..

We want to make the converging and changing solution easier for the companies.

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Contact details: 8801711381715
skype: atmkz71

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Alaris has brought a perfect and dependable solution for IGW ICX and ANSs (Mobile & PSTN Operators). They have proved their superiority during last 7 years since 2011. They have established good support with early installation. Also they provide online training.

Reference in Bangladesh:
At present 3 billing system of Alaris Lab are still running with reputation as below:
- First Com Ltd. (IGW)
- Cell Telecom Ltd. (IGW)
- Global Voice Telecom Ltd. (IGW)


WTL has the only footprint in Bangladesh in Bestec IGW. They have established a big network in African continent. Their single box Sofswitch solution is having huge capacity. They also hope to provide very upgraded cheaper solution.

Reference in Bangladesh:
At present 1 Softswitch is configured at:
- Bestec Telecom Ltd. (IGW)

Loop Telecom

we are the local partner of Loop Telecom (manufacturere of Transmission and Data equipment) from Taiwan.

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